Tips for Auxs

Many language assistants that I have talked to are always surprised the way Spanish schools are run and how to deal with the differences in culture. In this entry, we will highlight some important things to remember before your start your first day as an Auxiliares de Conversación. 1. Patience The most important thing you … More Tips for Auxs

More Activities

Digital Board Games Most Spanish classrooms have a digital boards that are connected to classroom computer. There are many games online that can be used for any type of grammar reinforcement. The students love games and love games even more that they can up to the board and touch on the digital board. The main … More More Activities

Verb Hacking

Verb Hacking With English, irregular verb forms is very difficult for students, because there are so many. With most of my students I give them a verb list print out with 100 most common irregular verbs. On the sheet it has the following: infinitve, past simple, past participle, and Spanish meaning. At first, the list … More Verb Hacking

Vocabulary Activities

Vocabulary is essential for students to be more successful in English. With activities and games, students can learn the words more effectively and will remember the words long term. The following activities or games are fun ways to have class involved and engaged. Taboo Taboo is a great vocabulary game because it makes the students … More Vocabulary Activities